I design stuff for you

Me_four2.jpgMy name is David Hanson and I design things. I've worked in the design and advertising industry for (shudder) over 25 years my background is tradidtional graphic design, print and advertising. That said most of my work is now web based anything from small websites right up to large corporate sites and mobile applications.

My studio is in West Hill, Devon but my work comes from all over with a varied client base from Manufacturing, to Education and the Third Sector. I believe design should be simple and creative, some of the most effective graphic and product design is effective through its simplicity. 

I also have an online Email Marketing service called beemail clients can manage campaigns online with comprehensive stats to see what works and what doesn't. This site is currently being redesigned but the old site is here.

I also design acrylic furniture have a look at my other site here with clients ranging from interior designers to stage and theatre. If that wasn't enough to keep me busy I recently tried to design and build the worlds lightest single speed electric bike, the only trouble is I had no large development budget just bits from the garage and some lightweight high spec batteries. That said I had a good go and got within a few hundred grams. The final bike weighed 13.2kg. 


Graphic Design 
Exhibition Design

Web design
CMS packages using Concrete5
Mobile apps for iPhone and Android
Flash development
HTML email marketing 


Simple effective creative design