Website design: East Devon


I design and build them all from small one page sites to large database driven CMS sites. Most of the work I do now is web based design and development. Most of my web projects are based on the Concrete5 open source CMS which is excellent from an end user point of view and very easy to work with. 

Below is a small selection of the sites I have worked on, more recently nearly all sites feature responsive design to allow a website to adapt to screen size and media type smoothly re-flowing from desktop to tablet and mobile. Making full use of 'touch screen' environments and app like functions. This site is responsive just view it on your smartphone.


Civil Aviation Authority

I've recently completed the CAA Careers website. The build includes a content managed 'front end' but the real heart of the website is the ATS system we've built. Its a full 'Application Tracking System' to manage all their recruitment needs. The system facilitates a full candidate journey from job advertising through to hiring a candidate.

CAA Careers

Brighthouse corporate

Again in partnership with Penna we have delivered the Brighthouse Group website. The website is secure and includes a member area to access financial documents for investors.

Brighthouse are a national retail chain with over 300 stores and 275,000 customers across the UK.

RSPB Isles if Scilly Seabirds 

This project is now in its second year great news for everyone involved as the rat population on the island is now down to zero! I'm proud to of been involved with this RSPB Project. The design is by FourbyFour and the finished site can be seen here. 

The site is fully content managed and responsive incorporating multi-media galleries and social media feeds.

Isles of Scilly Seabird Recovery Project

Edge Hotel School

This project has just been completed for Edge Hotel School on the University of Essex Campus. 

The site features a full CMS, News, Events, Calendars and a comprehensive UCAS booking form.

Edge Hotel School

Work in progress

This one is being worked on at the moment in partnership with fourbyfour you can see the progress here. This website will be fully content mangaged and based on the Concrete5 CMS.

It's also fully responsive you can view it on your mobile or have a look at this neat little site which shows waht your site will look like on different devices.

Cosmos Platinum

Chase High

Working in partnership with 360 Inspire who designed this site I did all the development work, as well as the full CMS it has a comprehensive menu system, dynamic calender, news, events and galleries. In addition this site has a seperate mobile site with auto browser detect.

Chase High

Coolpoint Refrigeration

Coolpoint is a long established and leading commercial refrigeration manufacturer of chilled and frozen display equipment. 
Coolpoint provides high quality,  innovative and a well-designed range of products, along with all the associated professional services, such as Field Engineering, Warehousing and Logistics, Product Repair and Refurbishment to its clients within the soft drinks, beverage, ice cream and frozen food sectors.

I designed their site to be fully content managed.

Simple effective creative design