Below are a list of common questions I get asked relating to how much a website costs, hosting and design. People can attempt a fortune book of ra kostenlos. I have also listed out some common questions relating to how much it costs to design a leaflet, brochure, advert or a business card etc.



How much does web design cost in Devon?

As you can imagine the cost is relative to the size and complexity of the website and how much you would like to do yourself. If you are tech savvy and on a budget I can get you started in WordPress with a template loaded, styled and with content ready to change for £250.00 + VAT

How much do you charge for hosting?

Prices start at £10.50 per month for a website hosted on our dedicated servers so no sharing bandwidth. There are plenty of options available including your own dedicated server, cloud or VPS. We can also help set up your email hosting with either Gmail or Microsoft.

How much do you charge per hour?

Generally I cost by project as customers generally prefer that approach, my costings are worked out on an hourly rate of £35.00 + VAT P/H

How much to get some business cards done?

Single or double sided? Is there any re-drawing of a logo or images to source or draw? Prices start at £70 for the design allow about the same for print.

What about design for a leaflet?

Based on an A5 leaflet single sided including all reasonable amends allow £70.00 – £105.00 + VAT