SEO Page Ranking Devon

My approach to SEO – I call it page ranking only because that’s the end result people are looking for from SEO. Find out more relating to book of ra kostenlos. Full disclosure, having struggled with buying SEO services in the past, with issues relating to overcharging, I wanted to understand the process so I set about adding a skillset to the distillery.

Page ranking steps

Step 1. First is to gain a deep understanding of the business and it’s goals and set realistic outcomes for the project.

Step 2. Starting with a site audit to flag up any problems with the site be that broken links, speed or accessibility.

Step 3. Optimise the website (assuming admin access) to fix issues, generate a keyword report.

Step 4. Track and measure keyword performance, implement site changes to rank your page higher, it’s possible to rank a new page on Google within 2 hours! Yep they don’t generally tell you that.

Test your website speed…

How do I go about ranking page 1 on Google for Devon?

Luckily there are a few options not least ‘Google My Business‘ easy to add and there are plenty of articles on how to optimise this. Once done you should list on page one (locally) for your business search terms.

How to I rank organically on page one?

Once a site has been optimised and this may take some time we can look to implement keywords within pages in such a way that Google will automatically list on page one.

How much do SEO services cost?

It depends on the size of your site and the number of keywords you would like to rank generally I allow £350+VAT for the first audit and clean up of your site.

What works for SEO in 2020

This page was ranked by adding rich snippets simple to do and irresistible to Google at the moment, don’t worry about meta data and backlinks from blog articles just optimise your site and it’s content to be engaging and give the user what they are looking for.

What changes are coming from Google

Google make regular changes to its search algorithm have a look at this page from MOZ that give all the update changes